Modern factory has been a pioneer in automation. Unlike logistics warehouse, modern factory has been a leader in adopting new automation technologies. The consideration goes beyond cost reduction and a lot more into quality assurance and consistency. Also skilled factory workers are much more expensive which yields better ROI when automation are introduced.

Complicated conveyor systems are still widely used, with limitations. Modern factories need to design a constant flow of goods (components, parts) to final assembly. Quality assurance processes also require movement of parts – conveyors are still widely used with obvious drawbacks, e.g. high investment, long lead time, inflexible for subsequent modification, but most importantly, it segregates floor space.

The real Gold Standard for newly constructed B2B Storage is pallet shuttle. It allow high storage density, taking full advantage of the high ceiling of the new modern warehouses. It also allows an amazing rate of put-away and retrieval of whole pallets. Lastly and most importantly, it is full automatic, which is essential.

Rainbow pallet shuttle has a modular design. It allows efficient management of both stored volume and number of pieces/hour. There is great flexibility on manage the throughput capacity over time by adding number of shuttle robots.

Its software combines flexibility with functionality. Its mini WMS system manages the storage positions, inbounds and outbounds of the system with great accuracy. Its optimization program can, for example, run overnight to optimally position the pallets through “shuffle operations” to get ready for the next day, based on the next-day order.