E-Grocery is also on the rise, slowly but steadily. Unlike big hype of the e-commerce in industries like apparel, fashion and beauty, E-Grocery is growing at a more steady pace. Global penetration is estimated at around 10%. Experts expect it to grow to 30% by 2035, a huge growth compared to current level. E-grocery fulfilment at scale make all current manual processes unviable.

Besides cross-docked goods, Order picking with roller cages is still the norm. Despite of the usage of PPTs which helps operators to move the cages around more easily, it is by no means automatic.

The real game changer is the Levi Cage Mover. It is a newly autonomous forklift specifically designed for autonomous moving roller cages. It is light body in comparison (rated payload of 500kg) which gives it super maneuverability. This feature is further enhanced through its parallel move functionalities which is important in narrow aisles.

The proprietary fleet management software commends the whole fleet. Once it received wave order and order line information from WMS, it takes care of all the operations this point onwards, including cut the order flow into tasks, dispatch robots, optimize routes of the entire fleet etc.

It is Rainbow’s combined strength of specially designed hardware and the software that makes a smooth swamp picking operation possible.