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Agi is a revolutionary mid-segment AMR. Its navigation system is based on our original new design based on RFID, magnetic navigation and ultra-sonic sensors. It is a generic base for different attachments on top. One such for example is a conveyor belt with a payload capacity of up to 30Kg. It is used to transport goods between workstations in a factory. Alternatively, it can be used to sort food, beverage or groceries to shop locations, for example in a cross-docking operation.



LEVI is autonomous forklift series designed for pallets and cages. Levi Cage Mover is the specialist for moving roller cages which finds great adoption across grocery retail and parcel delivery industries. It is a heavy way - it can carry payloads from 500kg to 1,500 kg, yet with very flexible maneuverability given its parallel move functionalities. Levi frees up employees to focus on value-added picking time, return processes, and/or shipment packing and organization.



Tote picking is the new standard for modern e-commerce logistics operation which poses the most challenge for conventional operators. Rainbow Tote Shuttle is the perfect solution to overcome large amount of SKU, high density storage, large yet individual e-comm orders and labour intense fulfillment. It is a highly flexible yet efficient automatic storage and retrieval robot for bins, totes and boxes for your operations.



The bigger brother of the Shuttle family is the pallet shuttle which finds popular applications in B2B operations and manufacturing across various industries. Rainbow Pallet shuttle allow efficient management of both stored volume and number of pieces/hour, thanks to their modular design. It quickly becomes the standard equipment for new, high density B2B warehouses.


Our Services

Fast Deployment

4-month deployment lead time from contract to go-live in our warehouse

24 / 7 Hotline

24/7 service-level commitment to minimize the downtime risk of your operation


Robot-as-a-Service scheme to allow you to minimize project risk and optimize your Capex of Opex

Cost Advantage

Instant cost saving

New-gen robots are extremely fast to deploy vs. traditional automation. An AMR fleet can be deployed into operation within one week, resulting into instant cost savings

3 shifts a day (24/7)

Robots work tirelessly 24/7 – ROI is extremely high when operators could keep the robotic fleet in operation for longer time

Lasting impact

labor cost inflation runs on average at 5% p.a. which translates into a 50% increase every 8 years. In contrast, robot fleet typically yields complete pay-back in 12-24month and is virtually FREE after payback

Better Operational Quality

Better Consistency

Humans are error-prone in repetitive tasks. Typical error rate in manual picking / sorting operations stands at 1%, robots can be 100 times more accurate

Better Insights

Smart systems behind the operation of mobile robots record hundreds of data points per robot per second which leaves vast amount of data for deriving analytical insights of your operation

Future Proof

Robots have an amazing ability to learn and improve through machine learning and AI – it is a fact that efficiency of robotic solutions increase significantly over time through self improvement

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Landscape Insights

It is a large and dynamic landscape of ever-involving technologies and solution providers – get real insights through trials and projects

Team Muscle

Start small while building out the team muscle – implementation and system integration capabilities built through try-and-error

Strategic Partnership

Build trust-based partnership with leading robotic solution providers as a long-term competitive edge